Kizen Owner

Our Bolsters and Leggings are eco-friendly and made from recycled plastics!

Our Shiva Bolsters are the Temple of all bolsters using antique and unique fabrics found exploring the island of Bali. Some have been dyed by hand in the many unique styles of tie-dye known to the different areas of Indonesia.

With this realisation, everything about these bolsters reflects that. They are hand filled with positive thoughts and love with Eco Recycled PET filling. Every bolster sold is saving at least 70 plastic bottles from ending in a landfill or the ocean.

This vision for a more sustainable and earth-loving approach to making amazing and unique garments has driven us from day one. The recycled materials are just as luxurious and comfortable, but are a big positive step towards a more eco-friendly manufacturing process.

Love our garments as much as they love the planet!

"Follow Your Dreams"

"Energy Flows Where Intention Goes"