Kizen Owner

KIZEN has been inspired by my love of yoga, lifestyle, fashion and the beauty of textiles. Styled to encompass the environment that we work and play in.

The making of KIZEN came in a vision while in meditation during my completion of a 500hr Yoga Teacher Training. I have not looked back and now the vision is a reality.

The product I am most proud of is our bolsters. In a yin class looking at many navy bolster the thought came, "Let's make them with stunning textiles and have them as a feature for your home or meditation."

It was important to me finding a way to contribute to making a difference to our planet. Heartbroken with the state of plastic in our world we looked at recycled plastic options discovering that plastic bottles can be recycled into a fibre. Our bolsters are not only beautiful but are filled with 100% recycled PET filling. Each bolster sold is saving at least 70 plastic bottles from ending in a landfill or the ocean. Attached to every bolster is a PIS BOLONG coin used in temple offerings blessed by a Balinese Priest.

With a constant flow of inspiration the creation of mat bags, mat straps and clothing began. Mat bags and bolsters are made with traditional batik sarongs and some with handcrafted leather. The love of discovering special pieces of fabric and sarongs in remote villages increases with each treasure found.

Kizen's collection of clothing for women and men is designed to be used in all styles of yoga, pilates, and meditation with the freedom and confidence to take it on the streets.

"Follow Your Dreams"

"Energy Flows Where Intention Goes"